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The Yoav Choir, founded in 1982 by its first conductor, Assa Barak, operates under the auspices of the "Yoav" Regional Council, which is located  between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The weekly rehearsals bring together 40 members who love music and enjoy singing.

Shimon Levtov  worked with the choir in  2005-2022.

Since 2022 the conductor of the choir is Yasmin Yitzhak van der Hal

The choir's repertoire includes a variety of Acappela works: folk songs and classical pieces from the Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic periods as well as several modern works, along with a selection of works by  Israeli composers.

Over the years the choir has performed a variety of choral works , among which are Missa Brevis (Buxtehude), Mess in G major (Schubert), Magnificat (Buxtehude), Credo (Vivaldi), Carmina Burana (Orff), David Penitente (Mozart), Cantata BWV 4 (Bach) (Gloria (Vivaldi ), Missa Festiva (Grecheninov), Missa Di Gloria (Puccini), Stabat Mater (Rosini) etc.

The choir has performed in many locations throughout Israel and has taken part in a number of  choral festivals including the World Assembly of Choirs - the Zimriya in Jerusalem. (1984,1987, 1988,1992)

The  choir has participated in several international festivals:  "Eurotreff'" festival in Wolfenbuttel and Stuttgart, Germany (1989) , the 4th international Europa Cantat in Tabor ,Czech Republic (1993), including performances in Prague and the surrounding area , and has won  silver awards in "Musica  Mundi"  choral competitions in Riva Del Garda ,Italy(1996) and Natanya, Israel (1998).


In  September 1999  the choir went on a Concert Tour to Norway and performed in Oslo, Bergen and Hamar . In 2003 the choir took part in the  "Europa Cantat " Choir Festival in Barcelona , in 2008 - choir festival "The Singing World" in St. Petersburg and  in 2012 -  Cork international Choir Festival (Ireland).

Since 2013 the choir jointed to Emek Hefer Choir and The Jerusalem  Symphony Orchestra , performing: Missa Di Gloria (Puccini), Stabat Mater (Rosini). Missa da Requiem (Verdi).

In June 2017 The choir took part in Choir festival in Lisbon "Coros De Verao"  and won a silver medal .

Our Adress:

Amalia Goldberg

Kfar - Menachem 7987500


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This page was updated on 23/01/2024

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